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“Full Service”

When you contract with Select Remodeling & Construction, you receive a full range of services to attend to every need related to your home remodeling project. First, we will give you a free consultation and quote and discuss with you your options so you can make an informed decision on how to proceed. Second, we give you an upfront, competitive rate with no hidden charges or fees. Third, we put real value into everything we do for you and back that claim up with a satisfaction guarantee and valuable warranties where applicable.

Select Remodeling & Construction has a team of experienced tradesman, including professional designers, electricians and plumbers, carpenters, roofers, interior design experts, and more. We can handle everything from the beginning of your home remodeling job to the end, in every room of the house, and save you the extra time, expense, and hassle of hiring multiple contractors and trying to coordinate them to keep them all working in concert with one another. When it comes to design, we can provide computer aided 3D modeling. The result is that you have a very good picture of what the finished product will look like before the remodeling work even begins. When it comes to construction, we use only the highest quality materials that will stand the test of time.

We follow strict safety procedures, and we minimize disruptions to your lifestyle during construction so that most of our customers can remain at home during the project. We always make a point of discussing the probable costs of the project with you at the outset and
help you to better plan how to get everything done and stay within your budget parameters. But our services do not end there. We also will arrange for any necessary permits and inspections to comply with local building codes and regulations. We know which jobs do and which jobs do not require a permit, which permit is needed, and which municipal department to obtain them at. We can physically go to the applicable governmental/state/city offices and deal with this aspect of your remodeling project for you as well.

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